Whether you’re working remotely, or anywhere in the world, it’s great to be independent. Our purpose is to create an environment that allows you to focus on what’s really important, getting your work done and meet interesting people. All these in one place!

What are the benefits?

Kind Community

Our community supports each other whether online or upfront, by bringing extra care in everyone anywhere in the world. We’re thriving to make this community as inclusive as possible, and make sure every voice is equaly heard.

Active Discussion

The community tackles every issue of the industry which benefits the members on any discussion. We tend to share any questions and works that needs feedback then answer them publicly so anyone can see and learn from it.

Promotes Humility

The community is exerting effort on creating more values and meaningful relationship which leads to great discoveries or friendship. These efforts align to our mission on creating a humble space for everyone.

Innovative Ideas

The community encourages to share any ideas that will benefit the members or inspire them to make their own. We believe that community should be 100% pure and 0% business. Sharing is caring!

Maximize Growth

In our fast changing world it’s no doubt that not everyone can be good on catching up on the latest trends or technologies. So, we tend to teach anyone by sharing free course and lessons that is valuable for growth.

Give and take

The community provides a creative space sharing platform for anyone who owns a space that can provide a space to learn, work and play. No matter how small it is, from home studio to grandest cozy space you can earn using it for free.


It’s nice to have a workshops once in while and learn, connect and engage to others. Here in DesignplusHub we conduct FREE webinars so you can maximize your skills and learn tips from the experts on the industry.

Group Meetups

Whether you’re longing for a quick ride using your bike or looking for someone who you can talk to. The community encourages members to set any small meetups to connect or detoxify from the noise of the online environment.

Job Opportunities

We’ve partnered with best companies and agencies that looking for an amazing job like you do. Because of this, the community sustains it’s mission to provide equal opportunities while giving value as well.

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This community will help you find the inspiration, tools to improve work flow and a platform for creatives to learn, share and grow with. Plus, making sure that we’re not forgetting how to have fun while earning.